Trans Faith and Action Network (TFAAN) Retreat

The Transgender Faith and Action Network (TFAAN) is a collective of trans people of faith who recognize the value of being connected to one another and providing mutual support.

The TFAAN Retreat is a virtual experience featuring workshops by and for transgender, non-binary, genderqueer/gender non-conforming people on topics that feel urgent and necessary to explore within community.

The TFAAN Retreat is a non-denominational space and is open to trans* people of all (and no) religious identities. As with all of our work at The Freedom Center for Social Justice, the TFAAN Retreat is intentionally intersectional and intergenerational.

TFAAN began as “TransFaith in Color,” a collaborative effort among trans people of various faith traditions to create more welcoming and affirming houses of worship. TransFaith in Color hosted convenings in North Carolina to promote learning, networking, healing, and empowerment. TFAAN proudly builds upon the work done by the trans people of color and faith who founded these efforts.