Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to The Freedom Center for Social Justice’s online community. We are excited you decided to stop by. In this time when so much is happening to divide and disenfranchise the most vulnerable, we have taken a stand! Our focus is culture shifts in social justice, civil rights, LGBTQ+ communities and spaces where people of low wealth and racial minorities dwell. We are proud to work in collaboration, across lines of difference, with local and national organizations that fight for equal protection under the law. We also acknowledge the hard work done by individuals who have shared their time, talents and resources to help us advance the mission and values of FCSJ. We also celebrate wins. The nature of our work is not transactional; it is done with an eye toward significant and sustained change in spaces like communities of faith and other established institutions that are often difficult to advance. It is for this reason that every step toward a more just and equitable world is worthy of celebration. As we continue this work, our hope is that you will consider joining us as an ally, accomplice and/or friend. Culture shifts in a world that seems committed to marginalization, war, over-incarceration and greed is not easy, however, it is always worth it because of the lives it saves.


Bishop Tonyia M. Rawls
Founder/Executive Director